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For anyone who is wondering, Wednesday became 'black Wednesday' for me because I cannot draw mid-week!
In fact I'm sure the rainforests mourn Wednesday too by the amount of paper I tear through in frustration... so this is a blog for all who know what like it is to regularly shout at their pencils
Oh yes it's also all about fictional characters plus interviews with them, yeah, that too :)

Monday, October 22, 2012

Tor Riel

Another unusual character to add to our ever-growing collection Tor is not only the first Druic elf we have ever interviewed but also the first eunuch. We never inquire why at 26 years of age Tor has been stripped of his genitalia, it is possible he was born that way but much like the subject in question we don’t have the balls to ask.

Tor is 6ft 6in and usually identifies as male, he has a somewhat feminine build but with broad shoulders. The androgynous look seems to be en vogue with male elves at the moment; still unlike the majority at least Tor has a genuine reason. That said he reveals he is, understandably, often confused about his sexuality.

Confused or not he is confident in his skin, an assured exhibitionist who enjoys flaunting his physical prowess. He explains that being a eunuch doesn’t bother him but it does make other people uncomfortable as they don’t know how to respond. A sentiment we wholly support as we skim the subject for a second time.

In person Tor is kind, polite and far too honest for our liking. He has a quick wit and an open smile. A flirtatious and chatty egocentric he likes to talk about himself a lot. He could easily be labelled as a cheap and flamboyant gossip, that is, if his inherent narcissism were not quite so obvious. 

It surprises us then that he considers himself a master of stealth; he assures us he is very good at blending in and keeping secrets. (Please note: we immediately distrust anyone who says this with our secrets.) He enjoys a good mystery and solving puzzles. Tor tells us he likes to play detective, that he always chooses smarts over fists and that there’s nothing like following your gut feeling to itch a good hunch. This notion is laughable at first, until we discover that he really does freelance as a Private Investigator and can literally become invisible. 

Tor may appear overly-trusting yet proves he is anything but na├»ve; he has a sharp intellect and sleuth-like intuition. He leads our line of questioning and selects the content of subsequent conversations without us even realising. He admits he likes to be the clever person in any given relationship, as though having a high IQ gives him superiority over us lowly drones. That’s not to say he doesn’t enjoy having his mental agility tested, it gives him great pleasure to outmanoeuvre worthy opponents.

Just goes to show that narcissism has its uses, without it we suspect he would be utterly crushed when beaten at chess.

Monday, October 8, 2012

Strep Aureus

At 31 years of age and 5ft 9in tall Strep Aureus is a confident, self-assured and independent woman. A hardworking and dedicated mother of two Strep is a hardnosed lady who never takes no for an answer.

Being a fellow poison dart frog anthropomorph her skin is as venomous as Staph's. Akin to her husband she arrives to the interview bound head to toe in fabric with only her face visible beneath swathes of colourful cloth. Naturally we ask her to remove her headgear for the portrait and she willingly obliges. The twins trail behind her, an eight year old boy and girl who although shy at first are soon running loose in the studio. It concerns us that Tero and Toco are not tightly wrapped in clothing but instead flail their bare arms and legs as they chase between the lights.

Who ever thought a simple game of tag could be so unnerving? 

Strep calms our worries by explaining that young dart frogs are not deadly as the venom they will eventually produce in their epidermis is one that accumulates over time due to a diet rich in poisonous plants. It is comforting to know that there’s only a slight chance of us having a severe reaction and that Tero and Toco don’t unintentionally murder their playmates on a daily basis. Strep relates that they likely won’t develop poison strong enough to kill a man until their teen years. It’s nice to know that nature has saved the privilege of causing accidental death for when they hit puberty because being a teenager sure as hell isn’t complicated enough.

A strong believer in equality and diversity Strep likes to get involved with community affairs. She gets on well with her neighbours and works at the local primary school with some rather difficult students. She jokes that after five years of teaching there she likes kids a whole lot less than when she started.

A dependable woman her hobbies include a variety of handcrafts from whittling wood to jewellery making. She even crafts personalised spearheads and darts for her beloved husband. The family bond is certainly a strong one, founded on love and deep running loyalties. Fearless and soulful Strep is both a protective and devoted wife. She is not directly involved or interested in Staph’s work and seems unconcerned of the potential impact his profession could have on the family. In her own words, ‘what Staph does on Luk’s time is his business.’

Right on.

Monday, October 1, 2012

Damn plans!!

New homepage posts/interviews will now be fortnightly as I'm super busy planning a wedding at the moment - argh but yay ^^

I shall however keep updating the 'visual process' tab on a weekly basis for your viewing pleasure - this weeks interview is underway but once again that whole real life business is getting in the way and demanding I go and do other things, things that involve being not in this darkened room or even at my PC - the cheek of it!

Don't worry though I've applied UV factor 'surface of the sun' so shouldn't turn into ashes upon exposure to daylight - wish me luck :D