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For anyone who is wondering, Wednesday became 'black Wednesday' for me because I cannot draw mid-week!
In fact I'm sure the rainforests mourn Wednesday too by the amount of paper I tear through in frustration... so this is a blog for all who know what like it is to regularly shout at their pencils
Oh yes it's also all about fictional characters plus interviews with them, yeah, that too :)

Sunday, May 27, 2012


The first thing that strikes us about Kha’Rii is the smell.
In fact the stench of rotten fish and brine arrives shortly before he does.

Resembling recently beached debris he saunters into the room without a care in the world. It is clear he pays little attention to his outward appearance and doesn’t preen as often as most Felidae, if at all. His knee length slacks are falling apart and his fur is heavily encrusted with salt. At 27 years of age and standing 5ft 9in tall he comes across as a laid back and self-assured. In person Kha’Rii is a genial type of fellow, easy to talk to and always eager to lend a helping hand. He explains that he works as a boatswain despite the fact that he doesn’t care much for sailing.

His dancing eyes brim with bright enthusiasm as he details how his fondness of water spurred him to take the first available seafaring job. The legitimacy of the vessel and crew were apparently unimportant factors. He currently swabs boards on a ramshackle haulier named Dolores: his meal ticket to always be within splashing distance of the soothing salt water he craves. Kha’Rii relates that whilst The Dolores may be a dump of a ship he is loyal to its crew and wouldn’t hesitate to protect them with his life.

Having sodden fur it seems is in part a hobby, one that ties in well with the pleasure of fishing. We assume the reason that his tongue is perma-stuck outside his mouth is because he likes the briny taste of sea air as much as the salt crystals he constantly licks from his snout. When not swimming, fishing or otherwise skiving off from boatswain duties he likes to whittle driftwood.

All told; Kha’Rii’s frivolous nature, loyalty and love of water cause us to conclude that this kitty probably should have been born a dog.

Monday, May 21, 2012

Eyzith Arius

A stern yet tolerant woman, Eyzith Arius carries a personality that demands respect.
From the moment she enters the room she establishes an air of one who is highly organised, disciplined and focused. Standing an average 5ft 9in tall her presence is impressively domineering and intimidating. She doesn’t disclose her age but externally appears to be around 29 years old.

As leader of her people she relates the strict yet accommodating regime of her government. She exudes power and her well-measured manner of speech is grounded in an unwavering self-confidence. Eyzith is direct, straight talking and decisive. She is efficient to a fault, and unsurprisingly often viewed as a harsh authority figure. It seems to amuse her that some subjects believe she is callous. Eyzith explains that she takes a no-nonsense business approach to governing, she believes in the adage of rules are rules. Her diligence and patience shine through as she takes time to detail the consequences of certain choices within their society. A worldly and knowledgeable woman she values honesty above all else.

Whilst never condescending or overly sharp, Eyzith’s softer and pleasant side is overshadowed by an austere nature that makes everyone sit upright and act on their best behaviour. Of the few jokes we dare crack none manage to raise more than a polite smile. As she exits we can’t help but shudder and draw comparison to that iron-fisted tutor who first instilled fear in our tiny childish hearts.

Monday, May 14, 2012

Jacob Chmiel

At the tender age of 17yrs old Jacob Chmiel seems to have cultivated a personality befitting that of a sleazy old man. Creepy is an understatement. His greyish green eyes often slide over the features of his audience; he purveys the curves of his given subject as though licking their skin from the toes upward. We assume this stance is meant to be seductive as opposed to leachy and disturbing.

Standing 5ft 11in tall, he’s unerring quiet throughout most of our interview. What little Jacob does have to say usually relates back to his mentor Na’Ru. He has a passion for the dark arts and a rather unhealthy obsession with twisting reality. A cowardly little pervert, he is securely netted under Na’Ru’s thumb and speaks with great admiration of her Necromancy skills. It is clear he likes to watch. At best we could describe him as a voyeuristic necrophile who takes great pleasure in seeing others suffer.

In truth, we consider his reality too far twisted to bend it any further. Detached, disassociated and slightly delusion we are relived when the interview ends. Witnessing Jacob sulk back into the shadows we sincerely hope we don’t see his face pressed against a dark window any time soon.

Sunday, May 6, 2012

Ezra Canzerth

On first glance, Ezra appears quite the normal, studious looking lord, at 38 years of age and 6ft 1in tall you could be mistaken for thinking he is part of some pompous aristocracy. Yet the guise of a rich and etiquette-refined man is not one that lasts long. Dressed like a crazed wayward alchemist and far too buoyant for his years, as soon as Ezra moves or speaks his eccentricities ignite in a catalytic cascade.

He is however skilled in the art of alchemy and wealthy to boot. Being a noble son of the late Chauntz Canzerth he inherited half of the family fortune after a mysterious blaze at their holiday villa. Ezra’s boisterous composure sinks a little at the mention of his father.  

He bravely explains how the incident had its blessings, after their demise Ezra was able to associate with the Hale household and reacquaint with his younger half-brother Alyx. Estranged for most of their lives the two now work alongside one another. Ezra leaves Alyx to maintain the business whilst he liaises with affluent merchants and choice mercenaries who outsource rare ingredients.

He speaks passionately of Arian and her incurable sickness. With heart as large as his flamboyant personality he reveals the depth of his dedication and somehow makes finding a cure sound secondary to being by the woman’s side. It is clear he dearly loves his half-sister however his passion for her is borderline obsessive and breeches our comfort zone. We try not to ask further questions on the subject.

It is no surprise to learn that Ezra has never married; he reveals that his main focus has always been the magical arts. Ezra tells us he enjoys contriving new ways to combine weaponry, magic and alchemy. He invests a great deal of time into research and inventing new curiosities to sell on Alyx’s store. 

 Ezra certainly does like his technological toys, having global connections means he is always in possession of the latest inventions. He shows us an incomplete and rather pointless looking device; the only impressive part of which is Ezra’s enthusiasm for it.

Saturday, May 5, 2012

Keep em peeled

Firstly apologies for not posting again last weekend, argh!
I have been very busy settling into a new routine since my move and hope to schedule in a good stint of drawing over the coming weeks.
I am determined to keep this blog going until I run out of characters!
You may be pleased to read that there will be a post this weekend – now to knuckle down and finish the write up, don’t hold your breath for today (at least not to the point of passing out) but eyes peeled as another character is on its way ^^