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For anyone who is wondering, Wednesday became 'black Wednesday' for me because I cannot draw mid-week!
In fact I'm sure the rainforests mourn Wednesday too by the amount of paper I tear through in frustration... so this is a blog for all who know what like it is to regularly shout at their pencils
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Sunday, February 24, 2013

Jet Korro (returns)

Jet’s had his ears lowered! 

 Ok so although we’ve met him twice before and had not one but two stabs at sketching his portrait we realised we’ve never sat down to interview Jet, what better opportunity then than his arrival at the studio to show off his freshly chopped locks?

Still standing at 6ft 7in tall and a little eccentric in his behaviour Jet is an amiable 19year old with an acute addiction to video games. Therefore to begin with whenever we asked Jet a question it took him a good five minutes or more to process and respond since his eyes were glued his hand-held device. Then when he did manage to wrench his attention away from the screen, his answers didn’t make any sense seeing as he had only heard a portion of what we asked. 

Thankfully convincing him to put the game away wasn’t too tricky, however without the distraction in hand he opened up like a grimoire and began spouting way more information than necessary. In the space of sixty seconds we learnt that Jet is an adventurer of sorts, he can’t swim, his favourite colour is black, he has minor OCD for symmetry, has a dire fondness for cats and cat related things, suffers from light sensitivity and low blood pressure that causes dizzy spells and black-outs, has fantastic flexibility and night-vision, loves his shades, and the one we found most peculiar and amusing is that the very tall Jet is apparently afraid of heights.

He also seemed to enjoy sharing even the most intimate details of his private life in detail as though flamboyantly parading around in his underwear. Jet explains this as compulsive honesty. He relays that he gets over-excited when meeting someone new and that he can’t help but overload them with pointless details and stories. Immediately after which he decided it was important to tell us that until recently his favourite food was eggs on toast but that he has just adapted his diet to a purely noodle and bread regime.

Fair to say then that Jet rambles a lot and not just in the country. He rarely gets straight to the point and seems to have a knack for finding the most convoluted way to tell his story.  His outlook on life the universe and everything is in his own words, ‘things are what they appear to be until they no longer appear to be what they are.’ An observant character who notices details others might miss at first glance he does tend to over-complicate matters. Thus Jet has adopted a method of decision-making that involves dithering and procrastinating until the presented choice is made for him. 

Jet’s biggest bugbear in life is the need to sleep. He wishes he never had to slumber but informs us matter-of-factly that he understands naps are necessary to move on in life. When asked to explain we realise that Jet seems to think that it’s normal to wake in a different room, town or even country to the one he fell asleep in. He calls it ‘sleepeportation.’ Which we discovered is a term he invented roughly 30 seconds prior to uttering it, that translates to, ‘sleep teleportation.’ To elaborate he decides to regale us with an anecdote about how he once thought he woke up underneath a dragon but after a fit of blind panic realised that a gecko had just fallen asleep on his face.

He states that he likes to help others when he can and will often put himself out to do so. However from witnessing the extent of his game addiction we can’t imagine him going out of his way very often. He shows us the pixelated names of his closest friends on his screen and then mentions that he’d quite like to be a dragon tamer or a cat breeder, or a cat, or failing that he’s quite good at ‘stick twirling.’

We jokingly suggest he sticks to the latter only to discover that, as it happens, Jet really is quite nifty with a Bo staff. He explains how he started staff fighting as a young child after he found he was fascinated by playing with sticks. He taught himself many new ways to bruise his forehead via twirling and twisting the bamboo canes in his garden before his grandfather took note and mentored him in the art. Jet says he doesn’t miss much of the quiet life back home with his folks but that he does miss regular mealtimes. Quite the antisocial, social butterfly he’s never lonely as he tends to get on well with others and makes friends easily. Besides as he jests, he’s always got himself to talk to and his gaming station.

There were a few brief moments where Jet appeared to show glimmers of high intellect and we wondered if he simply chooses to play the fool. Then he would say something nonsensical just to remind us what a tall, ditzy blonde he can be, making us conclude that the air up there must be as thin as he is.