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For anyone who is wondering, Wednesday became 'black Wednesday' for me because I cannot draw mid-week!
In fact I'm sure the rainforests mourn Wednesday too by the amount of paper I tear through in frustration... so this is a blog for all who know what like it is to regularly shout at their pencils
Oh yes it's also all about fictional characters plus interviews with them, yeah, that too :)

Sunday, November 18, 2012

Shiiath Utica

Of the many frightful looking interviewees to pass through our doors we have to admit that Shiiath rates in the top three. On first sight she is a fearsome figure to behold. After a second glance, after taking a more measured weighing up of the fact she stands 6ft tall we conclude that staring intensely into laser beams might be less stressful to our eyes. Being presented with such an affront, the masochists among us squirm in delight at the thought of picking the brains of such an ‘interesting’ candidate.

Unlucky for them Shiiath seems to make up for in looks what she lacks in personal depth.

A cold and calculating Tek fanatic, conversing with Shiiath is about as easy as milking an enraged bull whilst blindfolded. The strong and silent type, she is an armoured powerhouse of weaponry and a very hard woman. We were pre-warned not to threaten or enrage our guest as she is known to have very short temper and snap over the smallest thing. A loner by choice who does not play well with others, Shiiath is the type of person who responds to phrases like ‘there is no ‘I’ in team,’ by sharply sticking her stinger into the nearest individual and sucking their liquefied innards out. 

Gaining the facts about Shiiath is less troublesome than actually asking her seeing as they are all neatly listed on her linked identity fact file. From there we learn that she is a scorpion anthropomorph of the Death stalker variety, a highly venomous arthropod who works for Lukas Graye and at 27years age is a single mother to three scorplings. The details of her children and previous partner are not listed at length. As hard as we try we can’t help but assume she devoured her lover and an innumerable number of scorplings even if the number of paternal and sex killings are recorded as ‘rare.’ The fact they are listed at all should be concern enough for potential suitors yet it seems some cannot resist the allure of a powerful woman. 

Under Tek modifications Shiiath is registered as having permanent alterations to her pincers, tail and telson alongside regular tune-ups to her exoskeleton’s defensive capabilities. The enhancements listed provide improved flexibility, tensile strength, a better grip and the ability to lift a greater weight. Shiiath has also had internal extenders implanted to allow further reach with her pincer arms, because you know, she obviously isn’t intimidating enough already.

At present we take solace with the fact that it’s daytime and Shiiath is mostly nocturnal, it is somehow comforting to know that roaming about in the sun is making our guest feel as groggy and unsettled as we do conducting her interview. Oddly whilst she possesses six eyes and is extremely sensitive to light Shiiath is practically blind.  Instead her inherent scorpion abilities allow her to sense temperature, smell and vibrations to such a level she is able to see, just in a completely different way.

If she has emotions or a softer side they never surface during our interview. Shiiath never smiles once; in fact we’re not even sure if it’s physically possible for her face to bend that way. She can however dislocate her lower jaw, which we might add, is truly terrifying. So we decided to gift you with a second rendition of her, as not everyone can boast that they resemble something out of a horror movie when they open their mouth.

Well, you weren’t planning on sleeping anytime soon anyway, right?

Friday, November 2, 2012

Happy Days :D

There aren't many occassions when I can cite being truly happy for failing to provide a new bit of artwork on this blog. Glad to say this is one of them! Today I am proud to offer a photograph and present us as we are, as Mr and Mrs McNeill. I hope the word 'husband' sounds less alien soon, I've faltered a few times already when asked about the very tall man next to me.....to cite a funny comment amidst the flurry of confetti and cake, 'is Sharlene a primordial dwarf or is Jethro a giant?'

An fyi, Jethro is 6ft 7in in in his stockin boots and I a lofty 5ft 2in, tallest woman in my family i will have you know!! :P

More artwork to come in the following weeks, happy halloween everyone :)