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For anyone who is wondering, Wednesday became 'black Wednesday' for me because I cannot draw mid-week!
In fact I'm sure the rainforests mourn Wednesday too by the amount of paper I tear through in frustration... so this is a blog for all who know what like it is to regularly shout at their pencils
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Sunday, February 26, 2012

Keir Graye

Not a great deal is known about Keir, he is thought to be 13 years old and is hence the youngest person in this collection.

We have been informed that he was not naturally conceived. After some research we discovered that his forename means ‘little dark one,’ which is most fitting as his mood and personality are incredibly bleak and difficult to read.

From what we know he is 5ft 1in tall and mostly feral.
He lives in Lukas private stronghold. If we could locate this particular dwelling we might catch a better glimpse of Keir’s unusual abilities or persona. 

Gleaning as much as possible from this brief encounter it can be said that Keir lacks empathy, he appears to have no compassion and little understanding of others. He bears cold black eyes devoid of their whites. His posture is very loose like a puppet held up by one string. These facets suggest he is probably self-assured and quite comfortable in his own skin.

Whilst he obediently obeys direct commands it remains unclear how much language Keir truly understands or is able to speak.

Saturday, February 25, 2012

Friday, February 24, 2012

Draygun Trio

John Bothen, Morin Scathe and Riaf Amara

As pictured left to right John, Morin and Riaf are ‘professional’ city loiterers and layabouts who act as though they are joined at the hip; these three expend more energy avoiding work than it would take to do the job.
So far as we can gather they wander the streets, especially after hours and sometimes stand in places, but don’t proactively do anything.
John says he likes whittling wood and that they sometimes play cards.
They express they are not criminals because petty theft ‘doesn’t look good on a CV.’
The fact that the irony and sheer stupidity of this statement eludes them probably speaks volumes for their collective intelligence.
However as not to judge we interviewed each separately despite the unified portrait.

John Bothen
John is probably the smartest of the three but he’s so slow and lacking in confidence that he is always overpowered by Morin and Riaf. Having little confidence and slovenly speech John’s opinions are discarded as unintelligent. Although more brawns than brain, we find he is quite astute. He describes the reasons why he isn’t clever, in a far more articulate way than you might expect. That said listening to his long-winded and painfully measured speech we understand why his so-called friends often ask him to stop talking. Securely under the thumb of Morin and Riaf it is apparent that John believes this stigma that he is ‘stupid’ and henceforth he discards good ideas in favour of theirs.

Morin Scathe
Is quite possibly schizophrenic by our deduction; he may be the jittery sort but it is clear he is leader of their clique.
In person, Morin is like a man who has recently ingested a great deal of amphetamine in so much as he cannot stand still. He likes to nibble his fingers and fluff his orange hair, both of which appear to be degrading and falling out from such intense attention. Morin is not easy to talk to and often sub-switches conversations to the point where we wonder how slow-paced John can ever keep up.
Ultimately paranoid Morin jigs on the spot; he rambles and needlessly fumbles in his pockets. He asks very random questions but never waits for the answer.
A bossy and demanding person he enjoys the company of Riaf and John because they do as he dictates without question. It becomes clear that Morin distrusts everyone and everything and that he is dogged by a severe worry and paranoia he cannot control.
Thankfully Riaf and John are present and able to convince him that the light reflectors aren’t part of any conspiracy to shoot him and we now regret calling the art session a ‘shoot.’

Riaf Amara
If Riaf looks a bit stoned that’s probably because he is. Riaf is easy-going but he smokes far too much. Clad in buckled black slacks, boots and a three quarter length anorak he resembles a cross between a greasy wyvern rider and your atypical geek. We don’t really want to know what he knows about transport, be it in leathers or the fine tuning of the machine itself. We want to know even less about his other so-called interests and even less about any perversions he has towards the artistic renditions of such things. Yet Riaf does like to talk, in a droll ‘I think I’m entertaining’ point beyond anyone’s ability to actually listen. Although I guess if we were saddled with John and Morin as best friends we’d also talk to ourselves.
Of the few real facts we gleaned we found that Riaf cares little for tradition and regularly horrifies his proud family. Out of the three he has the wealthiest background. He grins at us when explaining how he was ‘meant’ to be another ‘stuffed-up’ member of his house. It seems he cares little for that lifestyle at present and sees wandering the cold cobbled streets as a vague liberation.
We feel it should be noted that Riaf’s fashion sense is roughly as keen as his inability to disobey Morin, i.e. non-existent.

Sunday, February 19, 2012

Ungus A’Hrenius

Really could use a good smack in the mouth.

Ungus has very rounded, stout features that no amount of good lighting can hide. He has grubby cheeks, yellow teeth and pinprick red eyes that twinkle with the kind of mischief you wish you hadn’t read about. He has a rotund pot belly and thin lips that curl unevenly when he smiles. If it’s possible for a Drow to be red faced, ruddy cheeked and disturbing then Ungus has achieved it. He’s 4ft 10in tall and around 45years old.

It is clear from his lank greasy hair and stained shirt that that he washes as often as a goblin crowned in a wyvern carcass. The stench tells us that he is very fond of food, wine and intoxicants before he even utters a word. Whilst physically unfit and generally unpleasant we are informed that Ungus is not only more than adept with dangerous animals but also that he ranks globally at wielding magic.
This goes without question as he is currently second in line to Dirzryn, which is a rather sore topic.

To be succinct, Ungus is a nasty little man. He is a very jealous character who covets the possessions and achievements of others. To call him conceited is an understatement. He thinks he is jack of all trades but as the saying goes, he is master of none
 He cannot understand why women don’t fall at his feet.

He is underhanded when trying to get what he wants, a very sly trickster and most definitely not one to be trusted. Another professional in the art of lying, the words that escape Ungus’ rancid mouth rarely reflect the truth.

Saturday, February 18, 2012

Na’Ruenne Kei

Na’Ru works as a hospital nurse; she is 25years old and a rather lofty 5ft 11in tall. 

An accomplished practitioner she is well liked by family and friends. Her job is a surface illusion, albeit one based in reality, it is still a lie. This job and her kind nature are her honest lies, lies to which she will admit. Ask anyone of her nature and they will recant how caring, sweet an innocent she is. Indeed she has no trouble convincing us that butter would not melt in her mouth.
Yet with a little digging we discover that she is sharp and sour beneath the surface and in truth she has a seductive and jealous nature.

Her love in this world revolves around her illusionist studies and necromancy. Necromancy is still not widely discussed even amongst its practitioners. From what little she says we gather she has had an unspoken interest in these arts since her youth. Her parents both work in the medical industry. Her mother is a vet and her father a fellow nurse.

She seems fond of rats, poisons and diseases and tells us she is immune to most infections. She owns a set of tightly closed phials that, we are told, contain diseases, bacteria and infections from all over the world. She calls these her family conquests, but we are not naïve enough to dismiss the fact that she probably uses them for necromancy.
Na’Ru is a different kind of vain, the sort unable to identify with others and entrapped by love of her own image. She spent a great deal of the interview running her fingers through her hair and gazing at her face in the silver light reflectors.

Friday, February 17, 2012

Petra Hale

Petra is 4ft 5in tall and at 14 years of age is the second youngest character in our collection.

An intensely clever, logical and grounded girl she rarely feels the need to idly converse with others. Strangers thus mistakenly believe her to be cold, uncaring or shy to the point of debilitation. A vulnerable girl especially when distracted; she is also often perceived as having a form of autism. Able to process vast amounts of information at speed, Petra has an impressive eidetic memory.

She is also quite obsessive with things being in the ‘correct’ order. An example of this at the dinner table would include: napkins must be precisely folded; certain foods must not touch and cutlery must be straight and symmetrically aligned.

She is mostly the quiet and observant type unless someone or something sparks her interest. Once she starts talking she tends to reel off every little detail without regard to her audience. Her speech and actions often resemble that of a much younger child.

When absorbing new information she can seem utterly vacant, her dark brown eyes form a void that many find unsettling. Petra is intrigued by anything ‘new,’ she enjoys categorising and calculating.
She currently works under her parents as a student of alchemy and part time stall attendant, albeit one who sometimes dismisses the fact that purchases require payment.

Lenya Hale

Lenya tells us she is 34 years young and 5ft 6in tall.

Strict but tolerant, Lenya is in charge of the day to day running of their family stall.
She organises the stock, tracks their finances and has had more than enough practice in dealing with difficult customers.

She relates that she is what you might call an average mother, which basically means she is not average at all. A super-multitasking, persuasive, argumentative and yet ‘demure’ vixen in charge of the accounts, the meals and the meetings; if there is a strong woman behind every man then Lenya certainly fits the bill.

She is good with money and people, and is an excellent saleswoman. She sometimes helps to create potions and medicines alongside her husband but her knowledge in this area is limited.

Lenya works hard at making life run smoothly but is not lacking a decent sense of humour; she is certainly the most fitting antidote to her husband’s fanciful whims and knows without question how to handle their daughter.

Alyx Hale

Alyx Hale is a dedicated and passionate man.
He is utterly faithful to his family, his religion and the art of alchemy. His skills as a curator and creator of potions, poisons and remedies are renowned across the land. 

At 33 years of age and 5ft 7in tall he does admit to being ‘a bit of a weedy geek.’
He works in partnership with his eccentric and wealthy half-brother Ezra. Ezra’s hobby is to source rare ingredients; Alyx meanwhile mixes them and sells the products via his family market stall, ‘Theurgy Herb.’

The market stall is always in the same spot on the main square and is open for trade on Mondays, Wednesdays, Fridays and Saturdays. 

Needless to say then that Alyx has a good understanding of plants and minerals. A sharp dresser he is still not the most confident of men and does appear to worry a lot. He also has the ears of an owl as we discovered whilst debating whether he would mind if we branded him a weedy geek.

Friday, February 10, 2012

Charlie Roxford

He is not the talkative type and sharply informs us to call him Charrock. There is no explanation with this demand but we assume he requires an air of anonymity in his line of work.

We can tell you that Charrock is 36years old and 6ft 3in tall. He works as a mercenary, bounty hunter and assassin alongside Argo Reed. There are three things they have in common, the first is a passion for weaponry, the second is money and the third is a distinct dislike of their now annulled third member; Si’Ra.

In person Charrock is cocky, quick witted and somewhat aloof. He has a very short tongue and does not mince his words.

He is particularly fond of his old sniper rifle. Being partly Bald Eagle he has excellent vision and is most adept at aerial attacks. He also bears some rather impressive technological modifications to his wings and lower legs. These modifications allow for greater wingspan, grip and most importantly weight bearing. 

Charrock can carry a lithe person such as Argo (as well as Argo’s insanely huge gun which we assume must be constructed of light alloys but looks comparable to carrying a baby elephant on one’s shoulder), and even add in extra weapons of his own plus any loot they might ‘happen across.’
He also showed us the compartments in his legs, which of course, every mercenary needs for extra ammo and small priceless artefacts.  

Argo Reed

(Kindly posed without his eye-patch)
 Argo Reed is 29 years old, as an opening pointer he enforces that he is a salamander and is not in any way related to reptiles. Having a slight speech impediment, he explains (in as many ways as possible without using the dreaded letter ‘s’) means he often mistaken for a snake.

Seeing the size of the gun he propped in the corner we decided not to mention that this misunderstanding may have something to do with his somewhat secretive and slippery nature.
A sly and rather self-serving man he describes his primary interests as weapons and money. 

Unsurprisingly he works as a mercenary, bounty hunter and assassin. At 5ft 6in he is considerably shorter than his current partner in crime; Charrock. Both are known to be excellent marksmen.

Argo is also a strong swimmer who possesses many valuable abilities from his racial heritage. For example his skin may change colour according to environment (see below). He doesn’t detail the disadvantages but does allude to the reasons behind his eye-patch (not pictured). He explains he can only use one eye at a time as his vision is mismatched, one is best for daylight sniper work, whilst the other sees well in the dark and underwater.

Considering that most of us require two eyes for depth perception we are in doubled in awe that he never misses a target.
'Argo rendered in green camouflage'
(It would have been admittingly more amusing if he turned pink, but we figured asking would mean being added to his hit-list)