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For anyone who is wondering, Wednesday became 'black Wednesday' for me because I cannot draw mid-week!
In fact I'm sure the rainforests mourn Wednesday too by the amount of paper I tear through in frustration... so this is a blog for all who know what like it is to regularly shout at their pencils
Oh yes it's also all about fictional characters plus interviews with them, yeah, that too :)

Sunday, February 19, 2012

Ungus A’Hrenius

Really could use a good smack in the mouth.

Ungus has very rounded, stout features that no amount of good lighting can hide. He has grubby cheeks, yellow teeth and pinprick red eyes that twinkle with the kind of mischief you wish you hadn’t read about. He has a rotund pot belly and thin lips that curl unevenly when he smiles. If it’s possible for a Drow to be red faced, ruddy cheeked and disturbing then Ungus has achieved it. He’s 4ft 10in tall and around 45years old.

It is clear from his lank greasy hair and stained shirt that that he washes as often as a goblin crowned in a wyvern carcass. The stench tells us that he is very fond of food, wine and intoxicants before he even utters a word. Whilst physically unfit and generally unpleasant we are informed that Ungus is not only more than adept with dangerous animals but also that he ranks globally at wielding magic.
This goes without question as he is currently second in line to Dirzryn, which is a rather sore topic.

To be succinct, Ungus is a nasty little man. He is a very jealous character who covets the possessions and achievements of others. To call him conceited is an understatement. He thinks he is jack of all trades but as the saying goes, he is master of none
 He cannot understand why women don’t fall at his feet.

He is underhanded when trying to get what he wants, a very sly trickster and most definitely not one to be trusted. Another professional in the art of lying, the words that escape Ungus’ rancid mouth rarely reflect the truth.