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For anyone who is wondering, Wednesday became 'black Wednesday' for me because I cannot draw mid-week!
In fact I'm sure the rainforests mourn Wednesday too by the amount of paper I tear through in frustration... so this is a blog for all who know what like it is to regularly shout at their pencils
Oh yes it's also all about fictional characters plus interviews with them, yeah, that too :)

Sunday, May 26, 2013

Sable Skye

Well the holiday is over, though I’m not sure if it ever got started, still, we are more than grateful that our first interviewee upon returning is not a spider, lycan, vampire or any other such nightmarish thing but instead is quite literally a fox.

Actually saucy-looking Sable, as we discover, is a half-fox anthropomorph who is 32 years old and a reassuringly regular 5ft 7in tall. Not only that but she is a pleasure to speak to throughout our interview. Being half-fox means she naturally possesses sharp vision, a heightened sense of smell, excelled hearing and as she jests; a fabulous sense of humour. A vivacious, fun-loving, and good-spirited soul Sable readily displays her quick wit and charm; which, as she is swift to point out, sounds like a euphemism. 

Now Sable looks good and she knows it. Thus as an openly feisty, no-nonsense redhead Sable likes to flirt and exploit her feminine wiles to the utmost. Possessing high cheekbones, a cheeky smile and the added innocence of some cutesy dimples it’s no wonder that our employees are falling all over one another to speak to her. That’s without mention of the tight-fitted denims she is parading which make those shapely legs of hers appear to go on forever. Plus for those that like tails Sable maintains a slender and neatly-groomed auburn brush that is tipped with white. Like many part or half anthropomorphs she also has small claws instead of fingernails and slightly elongated canine teeth.

When asked about her interests Sable quickly quips, ‘sex and money.’ We should have expected this snappy and audacious response but somehow her coquettish smirk catches us off guard. Evidently Sable is a woman who knows her own mind; she won’t stand for being bossed around and likes to have the upper hand. She tells us her pet hates are smokers, drunks and liars; sadly for us this covers most people in our office, if not everyone on the island. 

For the most part Sable is a reasonable and well-tempered lady, however as she coyly divulges, she does have a sly, secretive side, a more sneaky and covert nature that she uses when moonlighting for information. She explains that her preferred tactic when gleaning a target is to side-step confrontation by acting dumb, fluttering her eyelashes and pouting, presumably until the opposition folds in exasperation. However whilst Sable might act like a brainless bimbo to get what she wants we soon learn that she is highly educated. 

A well-practiced mechanic and proficiently seasoned pilot she works as a senior engineering technician. This requires a complex understanding of aviation, including maintenance, repair and upgrade. Lucky for Sable she boasts unparalleled piloting skills and a vast technical intelligence that is swathed in experience. She tells us she is capable of complex manoeuvres in a new vehicle within the first few flights and always outshines her co-workers much to their irritation.

This might, as she reveals, have something to do with the fact she has the minor ability to control the weather, particularly the wind. Quite the talent for anyone to have but in Sable’s case it is likely the reason for her choice of profession and also the reason she is so damn good at it. At least she is not the vaunting type when it comes to aviation. Speaking with a refreshing lack of hubris about her achievements it is clear that she doesn’t take her abilities lightly, never abuses her weather talent and genuinely enjoys her work.

Sable talks with great enthusiasm about the times when she gets to take her mini-scooter out for a spin and perfect manipulating the surrounding atmosphere. Obviously, she explains, the larger the craft the harder it is for her to alter the mass of air and pressure so flying with a small and light scooter is exhilarating; it makes her feel as light, fast and free as the wind itself.

Understandably then Sable is rather house-proud of her vehicles and to some extent her own appearance. Blushing, she admits to being fairly vain but not in an unhealthy or deconstructive way. She tells us that getting grubby and oily in the workshop or having mucky clothes doesn’t bother her since she quite likes the smell of gasoline but that she incessantly scrubs her fur clean and is particular about conditioning and preening her luscious red locks.

Well liked in the flying community Sable explains that she likes to wind down at the end of the day by having a drink with the lads in the bar. She is quick to assure us that she never drinks on duty and displays an overly-passionate loathing towards, ‘those sleazy drunken bastards who leer all over everyone,’ as she delicately puts it. 

Then with a grin she admits that getting her target drunk is one the more successful methods of acquiring money and information, because, as she says, ‘liquor loosens their purse strings as much as their tongues.’ Also as much as she professes to despise the inebriated she admits they sometimes prove entertaining. She relays that her recent favourite ‘gem’ of a one-liner posed through the bleary-eyed haze of alcohol is, ‘imagine that, I found a fox amongst all these twittering birds!’

Which leads us nicely to the question we’ve been dying to ask since she arrived: why does she have the word ‘fox’ tattooed on her right arm?  

‘In case I forget,’ is her facetious reply. Although we suspect the real reason is because drunks frequently mistake her for a cat, or worse a squirrel, seeing as being likened to a squirrel would somewhat negate her instated sexy image.  

All in all we very much enjoyed interviewing Sable. As a delight to behold, exploring her many assets has been a pleasure and none here are likely to forget the allure of her well-rounded whimsy any time soon.

And yes, that time we were trying to be euphemistic.

Friday, May 10, 2013

Childcare 101

Holiday Time

The staff from Black Wednesday’s have taken a brief holiday to sun in Fiji, or I should say, we will be getting a tan from the refrigerator bulb and kidding on we went somewhere. Normal service will resume as soon as we return.
 In the meantime our artist has been working hard to bring you their first digital painting to enjoy in our absence, one of Lord Lukas and little Keir.

This black and white piece is most lovingly entitled, ‘Childcare 101’