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For anyone who is wondering, Wednesday became 'black Wednesday' for me because I cannot draw mid-week!
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Sunday, August 5, 2012

Aezlyn DeVagrant

Aezlyn is a hardworking, understated and friendly fellow. Standing a haughty 5ft 1in tall and at 82 years old he is the youngest of Dirzryn’s brothers. The two of them never really knew their father Dachlyn before he passed away and hence Aezyln bonded well with his younger sibling. He wasn’t old enough at the time of their father’s death to understand the shame of having a fourth child in the family. In drow culture having more than three children is deemed very taboo.

The two older boys, Xiaz and Erynai have a grudge against Dirzryn; they see him as one who brought shame upon their family, worse still even as a toddler Dirzryn grew unnaturally tall. He was removed from the household at an early age to study magic as it became clear he was very skilled. Aezlyn also had the privilege of education whereas Xiaz and Erynai were never gifted such an opportunity. Resentment in the family runs deep. Their house has always been a poor one, one propped up by long hours of graft and working the land in order to bring supper to the table.

Xiaz is the eldest and shortest in both stature and temperament, he is a lot like their father. Erynai isn’t quite so stern but is also a man who understands the way the world works in terms of sweat and physical effort. Aezlyn on the other hand is a bit of a jovial dreamer, a soft touch pampered with schooling who never had to weather the burden of supporting others.
Instead Aezyln was able to cultivate alternate skills. He is quite a fine craftsman, knows a little about sword-smithing and has an interest in alchemy. He made a small patch in their garden to grow alchemic plants. Xiaz trashed this garden because he found it distasteful. Xiaz hates all of Aezylns advances, he hates Dirzryn most of all and refutes anything to do with magic or mage skills.

The three of them work several jobs to make ends meet. When their mother’s health failed they knew that upkeep of the crops was down to them alongside not only the physical labour but also the processing and accounts she used to keep. Aezyln explains that this is the point he knew he was in the wrong place. A drifter and dreamer he could not stay and aid with the upkeep. His brothers were so efficient and he didn’t really understand them. 

Now he is looking for Dirzryn, not for money although money would help. He has hazy golden memories of their time together. Aezyln does not believe the current news of Dirzryn’s evil conquests. The person he grew up with was not cold hearted. He is not interested in Dirzryn’s wealth per-say but does hope that his brother will offer to help him set up a small business in alchemy, be it in monetary forms, in teaching or simply some advice. Since Dirzryn is a famed and renowned mage, and now the highest ranking drow to serve under Luka, Aezlyn assumes he will be able to reconnect and glean something. All Aezyln wants is to set up a new alchemic garden.

Maybe we are suckers or he is a better grafter than we realise. However being so friendly and humble we all willingly gave up a few coins to help him start his garden.